aggressive investment strategy

Aggressive investing strategy place a higher percentage of assets in equities rather than in debt securities. It is important to assess your own risk tolerance before choosing this strategy as it usually involves higher risks.

Aggressive Investing Strategy Basics

Aggressive investors usually invest in small capitalization stocks, known as small caps, because they can have plenty of potential for growth. Aggressive investors have no problem buying stock in obscure businesses because they hope that such companies will become another market leader

Aggressive Investing Strategy Tips

If you’re an aggressive stock investor, you want to invest your money in companies that has the following characteristic

** Great potential: Choose companies that have superior goods, services, ideas, or ways of doing business compared to the competition.

** Capital gains possibility: Don’t even consider dividends. If anything, you dislike dividends. You feel that the money dispensed in dividend form is better reinvested in the company. This, in turn, can spur greater growth.

** Innovation: Find companies that have innovative technologies, ideas, or methods that make them stand apart from other companies.